A New Face With Faye

Hello everyone!

My name is Ellen Phillips and I am very excited to say I have signed on to work with Faye in this very interesting, exciting, and nuanced field of real estate. 

I am someone known to have dipped my toe in so many fields and industries that its hard to keep count. Career “FOMO” if you will.

Learning about something new from the very bottom on up is what fuels me and living in Prince Edward County for the last 4 years has given me such a great opportunity to learn so much from so many passionate, and skilled masters of various crafts. So far I have helped to run a wedding venue, worked in home renovation and home building, worked in an incredible farm-to-table restaurant, been part of planting, harvesting and arranging at a gorgeous flower farm, and now am working to complete my own real estate salesperson courses so that I can really dive into my love of homes, farms, properties, and daydreaming with clients about the endless possibilities that parcels of land can present. 
I really look forward to meeting all of Faye’s clients, and playing a part in the exciting adventure that is acquiring a new space, or honouring the one you are passing along. 

See you out there!


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